pow, guard and rdebug - staying in the web app dev env heaven: for ruby 1.9 only

The new version (for ruby 2.1) is here.

If you, like me, use pow and guard (with spork of Rails 3 standard setup) for the perfect web app development environment, you might have stumbled upon a problem of debugging the server with rdebug -c which tends to connect to a wrong process even when working on just one project (and that's because spork itself starts the remote debug server by default).

So, firstly, you will probably want to limit your server instances run by pow to 1 by
echo export POW_WORKERS=1 >> ~/.powconfig

Then, to actually enable remote debugging you should place the following in your ./config/environments/development.rb:

And finally, to set the port of your choice for the project,
echo export RUBY_DEBUG_PORT=10007 >> ./.powenv

Now, you are welcome to
touch tmp/restart.txt
and (after a bunch of your CPU's cycles)
rdebug -c -p 10007

You're back in heaven, have a happy stay!