jobseek.whatever (this far)

I am kinda frustrated: they say "Israel has the largest number of engineers per capita" (as appears on one of the funds' sites I've visited, see below), and they are probably right, but when it comes to the web presence... [i'm cool]... well, it just doesn't feel like this.

Here's the plan:
  • Collect (and keep collecting) "jobs/careers/hiring" web resources of the companies (screw those that don't have it)
  • Wrap them with Atom/RSS streams enriched with the relevant metadata: geographic location, industry segment, etc.
    • Note that the metadata may be constant per stream or overridden per post
    • A corresponding stream directory is appropriate — organised by the same metadata accumulated
  • Aggregate all the streams into one huge pipe (this may span worldwide, not a problem since each stream is of very low volume and there's a limited number of them)
  • Provide individually metadata-filtered streams on demand
  • Watch hitech headhunters and placement companies die
For now, I'm browsing through the Venture Capital Funds in Israel and adding the funded companies of my interest to my predeliciousss with tags "israel", "jobs", "software" plus others.
I'm asking from everyone to do the same towards execution of the plan above.

Unfortunately, there are no other useful resources found, those two are close to silly jokes: d&a, Go2Web20.net - The complete Web 2.0 sites directory (you should select what you want there and then laugh).


outbrain.com rocks - everate.com shocks

Now it's final, I'm a stupid mastermind. Just take a look on outbrain.com and get a feeling on what everate.com was meant to be. I'll publish more info on my dearest stupid dead project later.



I've just got a repository on github for your ruby enjoyment.

It will be sorta incubator for all the tiny rubylets (rubbish?) I'm writing (but do not care to polish just yet).

Oh yes, http://github.com/costa/rubincubi/


common language

While working for my last company, I was taking care of many "production" issues, but I remember one that made me smile.
A module of language detection – which was a part of harvested user-generated web content preprocessing – has failed on some machine, and I've logged in to the machine with RDC (it must be already funny enough how and where that system worked, but anyway).
Here's what I saw...

Google is spam

Now this is Grand: have you ever seen a G's noreply email getting in the Spam folder of the same account?
I just have! Neat..


*nice* document-as-a-web-page hosting wanted

I have a domain. that's mouldwarp.com
I have a small HTML+CSS document and a couple of its copies in different formats. that's my fancy resume
I want to make it simply and reliably hosted on a subdomain. that's on resume.mouldwarp.com or something
I don't want (I really don't) too much trouble or any money spent to make this happen. money is trouble
I use Google Apps BETA;) Standard Edition for my domain and I also use Yahoo! mail&stuff. read on this below
WTF am I doing wrong? Do I want too much? Where's that button? hello, which year is this?

Google are nazis sophisticated bastards (very frustrating):
  • There is no straightforward option to upload a CSSed HTML: neither on Docs nor on Sites
    • You can, however, go through a trouble of entering HTML and CSS separately through the menu in a Doc (watch for pitfalls)
  • A published doc URL is ugly, has nothing to do with your domain, and you can't change it
  • You can't use your published doc webpage with your Google Site in any decent way (let alone simply mapping the site page to it)
  • And also a regular *FREE* user's Docs have much _more_ functionality to them than those of GApps (SE?) including some blogging engine integration
Yahoo! are more stupid and thus better: I've uploaded my resume at http://geocities.com/constantine_shapiro/ for ads, but they don't provide custom domain option for the same money, so I've made a redirection from http://resume.mouldwarp.com/ (with my GoDaddy) for the time being. does it look nice at least?
I haven't yet found an easy and free way to get what I want, so once I had enough of the current setup, I'll go checking Free Webspace and Free Web Hosting Services. any other ideas?

p.s. I know of the option of hosting all the stuff like this at home or at any other admin-accessible web server. Been there, of course, but now I strive to "minimalise" my life, i.e. to focus on things of my greatest interest, gain and joy - and routine web server administration is nowhere near them, sorry.


one used brain anyone?

Oh well, however pathetic it seems (or it is), I'm starting the professional blog of mine with a new job search saga. I'm currently located in Israel, so it may or it may not be interesting for the world how a software engineering professional* finds his next source of income down here.

*This needs a little foreword to make it a note still. I started programming at 15, that's freaking 18+ years ago (found a dad's K&R's C language book), got my first paid job in '93 (robot programming sw for kids — a solo project — if you must know), been through a lot of stuff (including a remarkably unsuccessful start-up attempt), failed to establish myself as a known cool engineering guy ("Hey, I know that guy! He's an engineer!.. and he's kinda cool"), but finally started working on it (links will follow, I swear).

Since I'm not known (or cool) to this moment, I have to put my poor brain (and some limbs) for rent once more, so here we go.

First off, I'm trying to avoid "assignment companies" (as they euphemistically put it around here, maybe a word or two on this later), so my idea is to scan bike-range companies for hopefully appropriate jobs.
A google on "israel hitech companies directory" reveals a single semi-useful listing Software Companies in Israel - I mean ONE very incomplete listing. What's going on?

Another start-up idea: a tag-based directory of businesses with their up-to-date hiring and contact information. What? It already exists? Where the fuck is it, for Jobs' sake?