*nice* document-as-a-web-page hosting wanted

I have a domain. that's mouldwarp.com
I have a small HTML+CSS document and a couple of its copies in different formats. that's my fancy resume
I want to make it simply and reliably hosted on a subdomain. that's on resume.mouldwarp.com or something
I don't want (I really don't) too much trouble or any money spent to make this happen. money is trouble
I use Google Apps BETA;) Standard Edition for my domain and I also use Yahoo! mail&stuff. read on this below
WTF am I doing wrong? Do I want too much? Where's that button? hello, which year is this?

Google are nazis sophisticated bastards (very frustrating):
  • There is no straightforward option to upload a CSSed HTML: neither on Docs nor on Sites
    • You can, however, go through a trouble of entering HTML and CSS separately through the menu in a Doc (watch for pitfalls)
  • A published doc URL is ugly, has nothing to do with your domain, and you can't change it
  • You can't use your published doc webpage with your Google Site in any decent way (let alone simply mapping the site page to it)
  • And also a regular *FREE* user's Docs have much _more_ functionality to them than those of GApps (SE?) including some blogging engine integration
Yahoo! are more stupid and thus better: I've uploaded my resume at http://geocities.com/constantine_shapiro/ for ads, but they don't provide custom domain option for the same money, so I've made a redirection from http://resume.mouldwarp.com/ (with my GoDaddy) for the time being. does it look nice at least?
I haven't yet found an easy and free way to get what I want, so once I had enough of the current setup, I'll go checking Free Webspace and Free Web Hosting Services. any other ideas?

p.s. I know of the option of hosting all the stuff like this at home or at any other admin-accessible web server. Been there, of course, but now I strive to "minimalise" my life, i.e. to focus on things of my greatest interest, gain and joy - and routine web server administration is nowhere near them, sorry.

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