one used brain anyone?

Oh well, however pathetic it seems (or it is), I'm starting the professional blog of mine with a new job search saga. I'm currently located in Israel, so it may or it may not be interesting for the world how a software engineering professional* finds his next source of income down here.

*This needs a little foreword to make it a note still. I started programming at 15, that's freaking 18+ years ago (found a dad's K&R's C language book), got my first paid job in '93 (robot programming sw for kids — a solo project — if you must know), been through a lot of stuff (including a remarkably unsuccessful start-up attempt), failed to establish myself as a known cool engineering guy ("Hey, I know that guy! He's an engineer!.. and he's kinda cool"), but finally started working on it (links will follow, I swear).

Since I'm not known (or cool) to this moment, I have to put my poor brain (and some limbs) for rent once more, so here we go.

First off, I'm trying to avoid "assignment companies" (as they euphemistically put it around here, maybe a word or two on this later), so my idea is to scan bike-range companies for hopefully appropriate jobs.
A google on "israel hitech companies directory" reveals a single semi-useful listing Software Companies in Israel - I mean ONE very incomplete listing. What's going on?

Another start-up idea: a tag-based directory of businesses with their up-to-date hiring and contact information. What? It already exists? Where the fuck is it, for Jobs' sake?

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