git for life, what?

I have high hopes about git, and I think it may be a workhorse for the new generation of "human output" repositories. Yes, it is still highly filesystem-based (with its regular handling), but it is clearly a step in a good direction.
What I (and quite a few people I've discovered on the net) miss in git is a command to create an "independent" commit, or rather the ability of free and convenient selection of parent commits to a forthcoming repo commit.
Probably some scripting should be in order after some additional research. Later.

p.s. I would take an extra step towards current git technology which will not adopt the above improvement as is. And that is making an additional commit after an "independent first one" with the previous (before the first commit) HEAD commit as a parent (plus the first commit as the other parent) so the working directory and git's HEAD will live in peace and harmony. Amen.

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