jQuery autoSuggest vs rails (and acts_as_taggable_on)

While AutoSuggest is quite wonderful as it is, there's also a lot of room for improvement (e.g. I've started using this fork since the original author doesn't seem too community-friendly).

Here's one tip on how to use it with rails (and simple_form) — or rather how to workaround the following issue.
When you write something like $("#post_tag_list").autoSuggest(...); for the first time, you'll expect AS to do all the wow stuff on the client side and have the original input field with the values as a parameter back on the server side, right?
Well, I did.
Unfortunately, you have to work harder: not only you must include the asHtmlID: "tag_list" option in the autoSuggest parameters, but (since that option actually defines the id's suffix only) you'll have to patch your controller allong the lines of:
before_filter :autosuggest_fix
def autosuggest_fix
params[:post][:tag_list] = params[:as_values_tag_list] if params[:post]

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  1. If someone is reading this, there's now a new maintained fork of the plugin that has a useOriginalInputName option to help in this exact situation : https://github.com/hlsolutions/jquery-autosuggest