the boolean virtual attribute's gotcha (a checkbox in a rails form)

I am not sure where to post this, suggestions are welcome.

Whenever you create a virtual boolean attribute in your model, e.g.

attr_writer :some_boolean
def some_boolean; defined?(@some_boolean) ? @some_boolean : true; end  # defaults to true
attr_accessible :some_boolean

And make it a checkbox in the model's input form, e.g. (simple_form, haml)

!= f.input :some_boolean, :as => :boolean

And try to do some reasoning with it, e.g...

after_create { ... if @some_boolean }

You may be surprised as @some_boolean will always resolve to true (actually to 0/1, but both are true in Ruby).

A quick and dirty workaround would be... well... getting your controller dirty quickly:

before_filter :boolean_fix
def boolean_fix
  params[:some_model][:some_boolean] = false if params[:some_model] && params[:some_model][:some_boolean] == '0'